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Pharmaceutical Syrup And Suspension

Effective and reasonable Pharmaceutical Syrups And Suspensions are available in bulk quantities in high-quality packaging materials. They are available in accurate compositions for offering the best results with minimum side-effects. These medicines are provided after testing strictly for effectiveness, shelf-life and composition values. In addition, these Pharmaceutical Syrups And Suspensions are provided with all the details such as manufacturing date, expiry date, compositions, price, indications, warnings etc. 

Product Image (Stone Free )

Stone Free Syrup.

Price: 100.00 INR/Bottle

200 ml . Ayuravedic Medicine Stone Free Syrup

Product Image (CYPOLIZ)

Cypoliz Syrup.

Price: 95.00 INR/Bottle

Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride & Tricholine Citrate Syrup.

Product Image (LIZARON)

Lizaron Syrup.

Price: 75.00 INR/Bottle

200ml. Iron Cyanocobalamin Folic Acid

Product Image (Lizazyme)

Lizazyme Syrup

Price: 95.00 INR/Bottle

200 ml. Alpha Amylase & Pepsin Syrup

Product Image (MENSO SAFE SYRUP)

Menso Safe Syrup

Price: 120.00 INR/Bottle

200 ml.Ayurvedic Medicine Syrup

Product Image (LLT-TO22)

Liver Tonic Syrup

Price: 99.00 INR/Piece

200 ml. Ayurvedic Liver Tonic

Product Image (LLS-S037)

Deflazacort Oral Suspension ip

Price: 61.00 INR/Bottle

ISO 9001; 2015 Certified Company

Product Image (OFLOLIN OZ)

Oflolin Oz Susp

Price: 55.00 INR/Piece

Metronidazole & Ofloxacin Suspension

Product Image (Lizacet-M Syrup )

Lizacet-m Syrup

Price: 80.00 INR/Piece

Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride & Montelukast Sodium Oral Syrup

Product Image (Viprotox Syrup )

Viprotox Syrup

Price: 80.00 INR/Piece

Multi-Vitamin Multi-Mineral Syrup

Product Image (NOSARDI SYRUP )

Nosardi Suspension

Price: 55.00 INR/Bottle

Paracetamol,Phenylephrine hcl, Chlorpheniramine maleate , & Sodium Citrate Syrup.

Product Image (Ligesic-M suspesion )

Ligesic - M Susp.

Price: 50.00 INR/Bottle

Mefenamic Acid & Paracetamol Suspension

Product Image (ONDOLIZ DROP )

Ondansetron Oral Solution IP

Price: 60.00 INR/Bottle

Ondansetron Oral Solution I.P

Product Image (Acidja )

Acidja Gel

Price: 70.00 INR/Bottle

Magaldrate & Simethicone Oral Suspension lP

Product Image (Azither Suspension )

AZITHER Suspension

Price: 100 INR/Bottle

Azithromycin Oral Suspension I.P

Product Image (Calup Suspension )

Calup Suspension

Price: 100.00 INR/Bottle

Calcium Carbonate with Vitamin D3 Oral suspension

Product Image (Ligesic- A Suspension )

LIGESIC A Suspension

Price: 50.00 INR/Bottle

Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension

Product Image (Ligesic Spas )


Price: 55.00 INR/Bottle

Drotaverine Hydrochloride Suspension

Product Image (LIZACET SYRUP )

Lizacet Syrup

Price: 40.00 INR/Bottle

Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride Syrup

Product Image (NOSARDI - PLUS SYRUP )

Nosardi Plus Syrup

Price: 49.00 INR/Bottle

Ambroxol Hydrochloride, Terbutaline Sulphate, Guaiphenesin & Menthol Syrup

Product Image (LIRISE-XT Suspension )

LIRISE-XT Suspension

Price: 149.00 INR/Bottle

Ferrous Ascorbate & Folic Acid Oral Suspension


Pyrimol - Ds Susp.

Price: 44.00 INR/Bottle

Paracetamol Pediatric Oral Suspenssion IP

Product Image (LIZAZYME DROPE )

Lizazyme Drop

Price: 49.50 INR/Bottle

Carminative mixture with Digestive enzymes Dropes

Product Image (LLS-S032)


Price: 120.00 INR/Bottle
  • Drug Type:General Medicines
  • Suitable For:Adults
  • Physical Form:Liquid
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Week

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